Art Hau executive producer/composer

"So kid, you don't want to do this music #@$% ..."

That was my 10th grade Phys ED teacher's encouraging line after my band's performance at school. Much supported by my parents at the time, my career started early in music. At the age of fifteen, I was playing drums and singing cover tunes in bands at high school dances and special events around town. Playing a grand opening of a Bob’s Big Boy restaurant in my neighborhood convinced me that I’d finally made it. By then the desire to play music was securely planted.

Switching to guitar at age seventeen, because no girls ever notice the drummer, I started getting serious about a music career and performed every chance I could. Playing roadhouses and dark, dungeon like bars at an early age taught me guitar discipline and performance chops. But also honed my skill at dodging beer bottles, inebriated hecklers and outrunning bar owners. Finally moving to Hollywood in my twenties, I was now writing and performing original music where I started playing showcase clubs and immersing myself in the LA "scene". Hair color was optional at the time. For a brief moment, Warner Bros. Records became my boss. 


Hard cut ten years later, and I’m now writing copy for television and radio spots in the beautiful, seaside hamlet of Santa Barbara, CA. Once working for a Santa Barbara radio station, an on-air jock suggested that I record my voice on some client spots. Great, now I'm doing voiceovers for products and services on radio. That then brought me to performing standup talent for two years on Best of Santa Barbara Entertainment, a weekly Santa Barbara destination 
television show. While climbing the ad agency ladders I got a head full of insight into marketing products, services and building brands. From broadcast and video production, to slaying digital dragons, I was deeply involved in the creative thread of "Mad Men" account teams. 


Cross-fade to the present, my voice-over work, sound design, and music composition services reflect the culmination of everything I’ve learned and experienced throughout my career in the creative process of entertainment and business.  


I get excited when the phone rings. Give me a shout and let's talk.

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