"Art is an amazing musical film empath. In our case, without even the benefit of a face to face meeting, he was able to study the film I wrote and directed and post-score it perfectly, intuiting my inner desire for an Elfman-like track (independently) with great skill and alacrity. He was also kind, patient and generous with his time and talent, as a series of last minute post production discoveries took place--and as the rough cut metamorphosed into its final form. He is a true artist with a great musical vocabulary, and a joy to work with. Highly recommended."      

Tom Freyer, Director - Splash Media

Here you will find original compositions for film, television, video, online broadcast, gaming and client branding. Contact me if you are seeking new music for your next project.

SoundCloud samples optimized for Firefox and Google Chrome. Safari is currently inconsitent with playback.

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