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New News

CalTrout San Francisco 2013


CalTrout Organization's  "Against All Odds" film is getting finalized for an early 2013 winter release. Just in time for Steelhead season for all you chrome chasers out there. I was chosen by EP/Director, Mikey Wier of Burl Productions in South Lake Tahoe to provide the principal narration and some music tracking. The visuals are stunning, as one would expect from a Mikey Wier production, and the story compelling. This is going to be top on the outdoor film circuit this year.

New News

Country Weekly March 2023


Art Hau of Artworks Media was seen at this year's Country Music Awards assisiting Taylor Swift with the front door to the awards facility. Enough said ...

New News

Coming Soon 2013


Come back soon. Hasn't happened yet.

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