"Art is an amazing musical film empath. In our case, without even the benefit of a face to face meeting, he was able to study the film I wrote and directed and post-score it perfectly, intuiting my inner desire for an Elfman-like track (independently) with great skill and alacrity. He was also kind, patient and generous with his time and talent, as a series of minute post production discoveries took place--and as the rough cut metamorphosed into its final form. He is a true artist with a great musical vocabulary, and a joy to work with. Highly recommended."      

Tom Freyer, Director - Splash Media

Music Score

Splash Media "Revenge"

I scored the orchestra tracks for this film and added some sound design. Splash Media creative director/ film director Tom Freyer directed the film. It was post edited inhouse at Splash Media.  freyerandfriends.com

I produced the music score for this film trailer for "Liquid Gold" and the documentary film of the same name. I call the score theme, "Mountain Air", which you'll find as a sample on my Music page. The film was produced by Keith Brauneis Productions for CalTrout. 

This was a documentary film production for the CalTrout organization shot in 2013 and premiered in February 2014 at the F3T Film Tour. I composed the original score and provided art direction. Keith Brauneis of Keith Brauneis Productions directed and produced the film. Its called "Liquid Gold" and is a total adventure film.

KB Productions Reel

This is a short select reel I recently scored for Keith Brauneis of KB Productions. All about tension and release. Turn it up!

This is a spec written by myself and Keith Brauneis of Keith Brauneis Productions. Keith directed, edited and captured the visuals while I recorded on-location audio, scored the film and provided sound design. Its called "The Rock". Its about goals, aspirations and achievement. The principal talent and climber is Amy Dougherty.

This is a short film I scored called "Speyorama" which is an annual International Spey casting event sponsored by Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. It brings the world's best Spey casters from all around the globe to compete for the world's title. 

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